The dynamics of esteeming, valuing or magnifying anything, person, service or office involves a dedication of the mind to get hold of the ability to magnify or esteem correctly. To magnify (or magnifying) one’s ministry is an inward resolve by the minister based on the understanding of assignment/s, gifts and graces (abilities), with the intent of showing God’s praise. The following scriptures explain further, emphasis mine: ‘For I speak to you Gentiles; inasmuch as I am an apostle to the Gentiles; I magnify my ministry’ (Rom 11:13). ‘For they heard them speak in tongues and magnify God’ (Acts 10:46).
This month’s article is targeted at those who minister the gospel irrespective of channel, gifts and graces. It is also written for all who are daily bombarded with the nagging question, “Are you sure?”
The evidence of God’s call is an everyday demand from the world and the church, much more now that hell has released all in its arsenal to discredit the absoluteness of God and His great power that works within and through us. Ministers are more than ever saddled with the task of enforcing God’s counsel in situations in which ever field they find themselves. In reality and indisputably, there is no greater challenge as standing ones ground as a minister of God in these times and making known the importance of primary assignment. The subject matter is the regard given to the assignment one has been given, which is an undeniable shield for the nagging challenges that face us daily.
The prestige of the minister is the ability to enforce God’s will on earth as it is in heaven – a manifestation the whole earth waits to obey even though challenged. In keeping with this prestige, magnifying ones office or ministry has a three-fold value as seen in Matthew 13: 44-47:
(1) It motivates all to see the treasure that lies in the church and individual Christians;
(2) It shows the world how God highly values His creation and;
(3) It serves as a dragnet that catches all, but separates at the end of the day.

The more beneficial something is, the more it ought to be encouraged. We live in a world where only those who can afford television slots and, billboards and handbills are regarded as magnifying their ministries. We live in a world where one who ministers in spoken word is more highly esteemed than the preacher in song or dance. It’s a world where the prophet is given more honour than the teacher; and where the singer is considered more of a minster than the usher. But one thing that must never be forgotten is that all tasks are honored in the same way by God. Some may be more delicate than others, but God honours all. There should be no comparisons if we must function as one body.
In my study of Paul’s statement to the Romans (Rom 11:13), and after going through a lot of struggles myself, I have come to only one conclusion: God delights in what I do, if I do it with thanksgiving and joy. There are many prophets who minister through prophetic songs like me, but we all have different assignments. There are other ministers who serve humanity through non-profit organizations like mine, but we all have different focuses. There are astute business people like me, but we all approach things differently. That is my mindset. That was Paul’s mindset as he asserted to the Romans. That is the mindset of one who magnifies his ministry today. I’m hoping this short text will motivate you unto esteeming the gifts God has given you. I pray these lines spur you unto focusing your energies on your gifts and graces. I pray these words will catalyse your seeking to covet good gifts and most of all, I pray this charge will motivate you unto encouraging someone to delight in all the he or she has been endowed with. By encouraging someone, you know you will be magnifying your ministry. So go ahead; magnify that ministry!