(from the devotional, “Bread and Wine”) Simeon Afolabi

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, And He delights in his way”. Psalm 37:23

Peter once had an order by the Master to go to the sea and catch a fish. It was on the occasion when the Jews accosted Peter on whether Jesus paid tax or not. Apparently, they were looking for opportunity to nail Him. Being a bonafide “son of the soil” He was exempted from that particular levy. Be that as it may, Jesus would not give them any occasion to falsely accuse Him, and that was the reason He made Peter revive his old trade. The instruction was to pick the fish that would show up first, open its mouth, and find the coin to take care of the need of the hour. Here we see a situation where Peter was not just being ordered to go to the Sea, but that the fish itself was being positioned to be available! Can we say that it was a coincidence that the fish was at the point Peter stood? Again, can we say it was a coincidence that the first catch of Peter was actually the one holding a coin in its mouth? Never!

Yesterday, [March 28], we noted that what sometimes appears as coincidence is God’s way of working anonymously. We demonstrated this with the story of Eliezer who had the responsibility of arranging a wife for Isaac. God orchestrated the movement of Rebekah to the right place at the right time. What preceded that was the faithful prayer of Eliezer.

When we pray, things and people are reshuffled. In today’s meditation, we see something else that partners with prayer that can make God work anonymously for us; and that is when we obey. As Peter took steps to obey instructions, the invisible hand of God readied the fish for a catch. We can see more of God’s hands in our affairs if only we pray and obey.