We carry this precious Message around in the unadorned clay pots of our ordinary lives.
2 Corinthians 4:7 (The Message)

Distinctly Assigned
Dr. Uduak Daniel is one of the most multi-talented women this generation has ever produced. Her philosophy of living fulfilled and dying emptied is shaped by the scripture above and has informed her interaction with people within and outside the church. For one to be fulfilled in life, one has to be aware that God uses us to display his wisdom in various ways. This perspective has informed Dr. Uduak’s perception of people’s purposes in life and has made her better appreciate people from different disciplines, cultures, tribes and tongues. Her multidisciplinary disposition as a pastor, public servant, recording artist, researcher, compere, public speaker among others, have been instrumental in helping Dr. Uduak stay relevant in the marketplace, where she mostly functions and intergenerationally.  

Enigmatic song writer and mesmerizing performer
Call her a psalmist. Call her a prophetic singer. Call her many things-in-one. Her extraordinary versatility positions her as an “eclectic” brand in the international music world. Uduak Daniel.......is simply hypnotic!
When Uduak Daniel started leading worship sessions in the Christian Union fellowship of the University of Calabar, certain genres and renditions were considered secular and inappropriate for the Christian community. Her prophetic inclination and crusading passion for excellence during ministrations however made her renditions very distinct. Her large voice riddled with soul-stirring adlibs earned and still earns her an uncompromising place in the heart of listeners. She has achieved this by deliberately and artfully weaving the gospel into her music creating a blend of relevant and appropriate lyrics, the pulsating rhythms and the classic flavour of soul: a marriage of inter-continental “tangs” of tunes. She has also transformed her belief in the spirituality of music and the liberating power of “new songs” into styles that make you hear more than just songs; you might want to dance, reflect or just walk away happy with a lingering pleasure of a Jazzy encounter. If you want Uduak to get in her elements, put her close to a microphone and if you want your heart to explode, then put her on the stage!
Uduak’s music videos and stage acts, which emphasize her out-of-the-box concepts have found her on the same stage with prominent ministers and artists like Kirk Franklin and Reinhard Bonke. 
Uduak Daniel’s debut album, Hold On was released on BraideO’s! Sound Lab imprint in 2001. Songs like Jesus Medley (Aniewo ido obong?) and Judah have continued to make waves in praise and worship sessions and jazz events.  The song Judah (written by her), was used as end credits in Jeta Amata’s movie, Black Mamba. The Father's Heart, Uduak's second album, was released in May 2006. The live concert which was the first gospel concert stage recording in Calabar by Lifetone Studios had no dull moments from beginning to end. It carried a positive message that alluded to elements of Christian belief, but it also could be appreciated in nearly secular terms. This is even more so in her recently released self-titled album, Uduak Daniel in May 2015. Songs like On Top, Colours and Nkong Nkan Abasi are gradually making their way to the charts. She composed the Female Ministers Forum Int’l (FMFI) anthem and is well known for her professional concert standards. 

Dedicated career woman
Versatility is the best description of Uduak in the marketplace. Her principled workplace mantra screams efficiency and effectiveness. Using simple and practicable strategies, she excels in other aspects of life. As a founder of a not-for-profit organization, Development Options International Center for Women Advancement a.k.a. Development Options (DO), providing health, education and individual empowerment services to disadvantaged women and youth show her humanitarian side. Her responsibilities as a director in the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), the multisectoral coordinating body of HIV activities in the country has exposed her to the general and most-at-risk populations who need prevention services. Public health services provided with humility and respect in her estimation is the utmost show of love. Dr. Uduak, through her outgoing but firm nature encourages colleagues to be proud of who they are now and aspire for tomorrow. Because of her strong belief in the fact that one can be a Jack of one’s trades and master of all, she functions with dignity and excels as a researcher, public speaker and compere. She stays true to whatever she does in a manner that wins the heart of colleagues at any point in time.

Purpose-driven Minister
Dr. Uduak was ordained as a minister of the gospel in 1996 and has since operated in that capacity wherever she finds herself. She has mentored thousands of people, especially young women on living simple and authentic lives. In 1997, she co-founded Dominion High Commission International Church with her husband, Reverend Bassey Bassey Daniel. The church has a mandate to equip God’s people with the word of dominion for power, purity and excellence; to rise to kingdom status in our generation. The church is headquartered in Calabar, Nigeria and has five branches, two in Akwa Ibom and three in Cross River states respectively. Dr. Uduak also belongs to several international, national and sub-national interdenominational bodies.

Loving family member
Uduak has been married to Reverend Bassey Bassey Daniel for 26 years. With her biological and numerous spiritual children, they make up a fun-filled home. Her highly itinerant lifestyle and her husband’s domestic activities strikes a beautiful picture of complementarity and balance. Uduak also never forgets to maintain her relationship with her four loving siblings and her extended family. She is highly revered in her village of origin and still plays her role as an elder.

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