From the beginning, my vision has been gospel music rendered in a mature and classic way. Even when I ministered in church, it was always with some twist. My style was different, the people I was attracted to were not the conventional church crowd, and the fact that I prophesied a lot when I sang was to most people not what this category of people needed. Many feared I would compromise my faith because the genre was different and my performances were too “professional” to be termed Christian, but I knew who I was, who I was sent to and where they were likely to be. However, I had no courage to do much. I only prayed for God to confirm His call with a physical manifestation.

Ah (sigh)! It wasn’t at all easy. God was still working; He sent me a producer and friend that would not let me change who I was or what I did. There was no room to compromise  standards; that was going to be the defining factor for the Uduak Daniel brand. I am eternally grateful to Opubo Braide for being there always.

So now the results are evident: I have completed four album projects, organized concerts in churches, at a poolside, tourist resort and an exotic restaurant. I have had my songs Judah and Colours in Jeta Amata’s movie Black Mamba as well as a documentary used by the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) at the United Nations Social Forum for Human Rights, Geneva respectively. I have experimented on having my concerts ticketed and have been amazed at how fast the tickets were sold. I have sang to the crème of the society at golf clubs, international conferences, diplomatic fora and sundry events. I have won a couple of awards and hope to win more. I have produced music videos of international standard and will produce more. I have also established that I was called to the marketplace, the nobles, the church and governments. This is my niche and I am happy with it.

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