Arise Nigeria is a lovely charge from God to the country. This mid tempo song written and performed by Uduak was produced by Atta LeNell. Unlike the first rendition which was a ballad, this is a simple, contagiously cheery song with a strong pop and jazzy touch. The simple, folksy, friendliness of the song elevates your mood and makes you want to sing along as well as dance.
Uduak’s soulful vibe creates a profound ease – a deviation from the average Nigerian nationalistic song. Savour the unbelievable dramatic change in the melody and mood towards the end of the song. It not only makes you want to dance the salsa, but injects in you a commitment to nation building. And oh, the breathy, jazzy adlibs that serenades you into the future. “Common let’s move on, move on no need to give up……..we need to move on, we need to reach for the top……”

Starting with the soul-lifting and danceable “Just You,” Uduak takes you through gratitude, in “Miracle” and philosophical spheres painted in powerful imagery in “Colours,” “Love Is Not Far Away” and “Don’t Stress.” The blend of rare variations of reggae, classical and soul music makes this work. No dull moments here.
Those who are acquainted with Uduak Daniel’s music know that simple, dripping and powerfully delivered ballads are common features. The amazing twist brought about by the popular hymn, “Be Still My Soul” is likely to start you pacing around and ending with you on your knees in gratitude to God. Of course the heavily percussive African beats from the lead track, “On Top,” along with “Nkong Nkan Abasi” and “Wondaful Ting,” are sure to catapult you to the engaging realms of possibilities that only our deep, native dialects can take you. These catchy songs are delivered with edgy vocals and percussions that will make you want to break through a wall.
In comes the variorum of “Colours,” “Don’t Stress,” “On Top,” “Nkong Nkan Abasi” in the form of DJ remixes
and a jazz version. These tracks can be played anywhere one can think of. And is that not what Uduak Daniel is about? Being unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ and taking it to the ends of the earth? Savour the moment!