Uduak radiates music in its finest. A definition of musical masterpiece; her voice, lyrics, theme and arrangement screams peculiar, unique, original, mature and elite.  Her uniqueness lies in her versatile style, making her a dominant brand positioning her as the sound for the intellectual, prestigious and noble mind.

Call her an enigmatic song writer, a mesmerizing performer, a psalmist or a prophetic singer, her extraordinary versatility positions her as an “eclectic” brand in the music world. Her life and music are influenced by her crusading passion to reach people where they are. She deliberately and artfully weaves the gospel and inspiration into her music and what you see is a creative blend of the pulsating African rhythm and the classic flavor of soul: a marriage of inter-continental tangs of tunes.

When Uduak sings, what hits you is more than a song. You might want to dance, reflect or just walk away happy with a lingering pleasure of a “Jazzy” encounter. If you want Uduak to get in her elements, put her close to a microphone and if you want your heart to explode, then put her on the stage. These are what makes her hypnotic